Why Is Outsourcing Important?

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Outsourcing is the recent buzz these days, as more and more businesses which are concerned about their quality and cost all over the world are reaching destinations like India for outsourcing their non-important business procedures. So, do you want to know what exactly outsourcing is and what are the basic advantages of having an offshore partner on your side to work for you?

While evaluating your decisions and choices in outsourcing among different components of your operations, you should consider different benefits of outsourcing. If it is done for many other reasons, outsourcing will help your company in saving their costs and additional expenses. Some of the advantages of outsourcing even which go beyond monetary benefits and are able to deliver lot more than this.

This articles focuses on the benefits of outsourcing which adds to the importance of outsourcing and increases its use in different organizations.

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing refers to the way in which companies allows different business processes of functions to external vendors. Any type of business process can be done from the offshore location which can be further outsources. It includes many important functions such as payroll, transaction processing and inventory management to name. In addition to this, there are many call center services which are outsourced in the best possible manner. Most common outsourced processes these days include book keeping service, text and editing services, image manipulation services, transcription services, call center services, data conversion services, etc.

There are following type of solutions available for outsourcing these days:

Internal outsourcing

Internal outsourcing includes increasing your staff by hiring local labor. It includes hiring someone for junior position, part-time employee or assistant property manager. Main objective of internal outsourcing is hiring someone who can share the work load of current employees. Internal outsourcing is very common practice and for longer period of time it has been the only option available for tackling business growth.

Onshore outsourcing

In past few years, this type of outsourcing has become very common with the property managers by the use of third party app such as inspection manager, maintenance manager or live agent for routine tasks such as maintenance repairs, quotes or inspections.

Offshore outsourcing

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is new territory for the management of property and real estate industry. Many famous companies Optus, Telstra and Foxtel have been outsourcing for years.

Benefits of outsourcing

All of these outsourcing solutions provides either long-term or short-term relief from the tasks which must be accomplished on regular basis.

Cost benefits

Outsourcing is the best option when you have many back-office functions that are complicated in nature, but if your company’s size is stopping you from performing all these functions at reasonable and consistent cost then outsourcing can be a good option for you. The most visible and obvious benefit which is related to saving costs with the help of outsourcing. You can get your job done at affordable rate and high quality with the help of outsourcing. Like there is a huge difference among wages in Asia and western countries, they can get their work outsourced from Asian countries to save their costs. In addition to this, quality of their services is also very high by making sure that low-cost does not mean low quality.

Increased focus on major activities

During period of rapid growth, back-office operations of company will expand automatically. This expansion calls for hiring some reliable resources at the core activities expense which helps in making a company successful. If you are going to outsource these activities, it will make it easier for you to focus on major activities of your company which requires more attention without compromising service or quality in back-office.

Reduced over-head costs

Mostly, the overhead costs of back-office function are very high and it is believed that if they are outsourced all these functions can run in a smooth manner. Like outsourcing some simple operations for the reduction of need for more office space.

Controlling operation costs

Operations whose costs are running out of control must be considered for the outsourcing process. Many departments have evolved over a period of time into the poorly managed and uncontrolled areas which encourages the outsourcing process. Moreover, the outsourcing firm can help in bringing improved management skills to your firm that that could be available otherwise.

Staffing Flexibility

Outsourcing helps in operations that have increased cyclical and seasonal demand for bringing the additional resources whenever you need and release them. You should outsource your business with some reliable partner, as the experienced outsourcing companies bring their expertise and practices in delivering complicated outsourcing projects. But they can do their job in the better way with their understanding and knowledge of domain. It causes an increase in productivity and efficiency in the process which contributes to bottom-line of your own company.

Risk and continuity management

The time period of increased employee’s turnover will help in adding to the inconsistency and uncertainty to different operations. Outsourcing helps in the provision of continuity level to company which reduces the substandard risk.

Development of Internal Staff

A larger project requires skills that are not possessed by your staff. The on-site project outsourcing helps in bringing people with the required skills for your company. The employees of your company can work with them for gaining set of new skills.

Outsourcing helps in filling the gap for expert labor in some of the important portions of business processes and availability of cheaper labor and not compromising on output quality as well. Most important skills required for outsourcing include communication capabilities, suitable financial packages and technical expertise.


All you need to know about outsourcing

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Outsourcing is the complete process of utilizing important services from the companies outside the country which are performed within a firm and which is a common concept to entrepreneurs too. There are many companies which works for outsourcing of their payroll, distribution, accounting and many other significant functions, mostly because they don’t have any other option left. There are many large companies or organizations which outsource business functions for cutting extra costs. There is an increased trend of outsourcing these days which is the reason why most of the companies are evolving for the fulfillment of the outsourcing business needs.

Outsourcing has completely revolutionized the business processes these days for cutting additional expenses. In the beginning, outsourcing was only limited to functions that are low risk such as data entry and payroll processing. Later on customer operations were started out getting outsourced on larger scale.

There are many global companies who wanted to utilize the cost benefits of outsourcing and all high-end functions related to it like healthcare BPO, IT services and also research services for reliable companies for which they outsource business process. It has become a significant part for both the large and small business companies who devote them to outsourcing and business operations to some of the specialized vendors.

Reasons of outsourcing business processes

Major factors which causes increase in the growing trend of outsourcing include following:

  • Easy availability of cheaper labor, which does not compromise on output quality.
  • Feasibility and ability for concentrating on the business processes.
  • Absence of skilled labor in some parts of the business processes.

All of the above mentioned factors contributes to the outsourced partners across various locations in world. The expertise in communication capabilities, technical expertise and effective financial packages in different locations in the world.

Advantages of outsourcing

Not every business understands the advantages of outsourcing. Outsourcing can save lot of money, but it is helpful in also many other aspects. Due to the flat economy in many countries, they outsource business solutions and huge layoffs were kept in-house. Outsourcing can provide countless advantages to businesses:

Controlling capital costs

Companies that do everything independently conduct lot of research on various aspects such as distribution and marketing expenses which passes in to their customers in future. Competitive advantage can be gained with the help of economy of scale and cost structure which supports the business operations of your firm.

Decreases labor costs

It can be quite expensive to hire and train staff for peripheral projects or short-term and temporary employees also don’t work so hard and never live up to the expectations. Outsourcing helps in focusing on your current human resources when you need them most.

New projects quickly

A reliable firm has all the resources for starting a new project immediately. Handling similar project in-house requires months or week for recruiting and hiring right people, training them and providing them all the support that is required by them. If a project requires significant capital investments, the startup process can become extremely difficult.

Focus on core business

Each and every business has some limited resources and every manager has limited amount of attention and time to outsource business solutions. Outsourcing helps your business in shifting its main emphasis from peripheral activities to some significant work that is helpful for serving customers. It also helps managers in setting out their goals.

There are many firms which cannot afford to match in accordance with the support services provided by in house team that is further maintained by larger organizations. Outsourcing is also helpful for the smaller firms which act big by providing them access to similar economies of efficiency, scale and expertise that is enjoyed by the larger organizations.

It is understood that business investments require larger amount of risk. Competition, markets, financial conditions, government regulations and technologies transform quickly. The outsourcing providers manage and assume this risk for you because they are at good at making decisions regarding business risks in special expertise area.

Disadvantages of outsourcing

Loss of confidentiality

If an organization outsources HR services, it carries the risk of the loss of confidentiality. Thus, it is important to keep a check in its place for avoiding loss of confidential data.

Managing business control

Losing the management control of business functions means you don’t have any control over business activities that are outsourced. Sometimes it is easy to conduct these processes inside an organization rather than with any other outsourced partner.

Quality issues

Many important issues can arise if the providers of outsourcings do not have proper processes and you are not experienced for working in an outsourcing relationship.

Hidden costs

There are many hidden costs linked with outsourcing processes that are involved in signing a contract and in a similar manner outsourcing from outside the countries can pose a serious threat.

Lack of customer emphasis

The outsourcing vendor always caters to the need of many different organizations at time. During these situations vendors lack complete emphasis on organization tasks.

Future trends for outsourcing

  • Outsourcing relationships have become more standardized and they have become more people and process driven rather than rates and prices.
  • The increasing cost pressures will also create ways for the outsourcing contract which act in a flexible manner.
  • Newly established businesses will observe higher outsourcing adoption for the reduction of operational in efficiencies and increasing their time to market.
  • The increasing costs of raw material, oil and transportation costs will make it very important for most of the companies to have a look at outsourcing for keeping their costs at extremely low level.
  • More high-end critical business functions are expected to be outsourced in the upcoming time.

Outsourcing will continue to survive in upcoming time as well as it provides complete access to the specialized skills and saves on effort and time, which can be further utilized into business ventures.


What is BPO?

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Business Process Outsourcing is responsible for conducting a process or becoming part of the already occurring processes in some other business organization. Business process outsourcing saves additional costs and utilize them in increasing the productivity level of the organization.

There is an existence of different BPO organizations such as medical transcription agencies, which handle their businesses online and make phone calls in behalf of their clients and call center can also be considered as a BPO organization as well. The business processes are based on information technology and often referred to as ITES, BPO where ITES stands for Information Technology Enabled Service and legal process outsourcing (LPO).


Software on Demand

Software on Demand (Sod) is a type of IT process outsourcing. A Sod outsourcer provides the hardware for hosting the information and ensures their installation, updates and support. Sod has no ownership policy and prefers to rent out the services. So the customer does not have to pay large amount of money as it always have recurring payments.

Advantages of BPO
Outsourcing market is growing continuously in the past few years due to its various benefits:

Stay flexible and competitive

BPO plays an important part in increasing the flexibility of the organization. But different organizations have different ways of perceiving the organizational flexibility. The technological advances and changes in industry and the companies who outsource often look for the flexibility and provides quality control as well. Outsourcing business functions keeps your company flexible and reacts to market forces and conditions that are changing continuously.

Improvement of productivity

BPO makes it easier for the corporate executive to focus on the important business areas. It is because the executives spend more time in managing the details so they don’t get much time in formulating strategies. Due to the services provided by BPOs, it becomes easier for the upper management to formulate effective strategies and focus on their current customers. All of this results in the improvement of productivity, producing more skilled and educated professionals for performing all these tasks in an efficient manner which will eventually result in improving the productivity.

Proper utilization of resources

BPO allows the proper utilization of scarce resources. Outsourcing also helps in capturing new efficiencies and the proper utilization of resources. This helps in increasing the productivity and efficiency and also the availability of more skilled professionals.

Cost reduction

Saving your money can be significant in any business. It not only helps in cost reduction but also increases its productivity and profit levels in a significant manner. BPOs can help for the improvements in process, utilizing the resources and latest technologies and re-engineering of the process as well. It can also help the organization in maintaining the low rates of company with the provision of better service solutions by making their market position better and allowing them to gain a competitive advantage as well. Companies which considers BPO providers saves up to 50% costs which means that there are always extra financial resources for carrying out the effective business operations and processes.

Improving the human resource

Improving the entire process of HR helps in serving as one of the greatest advantages of the outsourcing business processes. Man power plays an effective part in enhancing the importance of BPO. Now a days, most of the companies require efficient and productive human resource that can do the generation of economies of scale. Outsourcing provides an company’s access to the trained and skilled employees at low rates.

Emphasize on important business areas

An effective business strategy is required for flourishing the business. Outsourcing allows the top management level to hire third party for managing some important business related activities. This allows the top management level to improve the productivity and business operations.

Adjust with the changing business environments

There are many BPOs which provide the management with flexible customer service for meeting the changing requirements of customers and supporting the acquisitions of company along with joint ventures.

Latest technology challenges

Technology is a leading area of outsourcing. It allows us to make the work of modern organization comparatively easier. The investment in new technology is very costly and risky too and with the development of technology market, it can become increasingly difficult to cope with the current technology and innovations. Outsourcing to companies requires the resources, expertise and desire for updating the technology solutions.

Disadvantages of BPO

Along with many advantages and benefits there are also some of the drawbacks and risks associated with the business process outsourcing:

Increased risks

Risk is the major problem in business process outsourcing. Let us take an example, if you are outsourcing an information system it can cause security risks from both privacy perspective and communication aspect. However, some companies manage it successfully for the achievement of benefits in such a way that it will help in getting the positive results and minimizing threats with BCM (Business Continuing Model). BCM consists of many different steps for the identification and management of any type of typical business processes in an appropriate manner.

Pressures of technology

Business process outsourcing involves keeping up with any technological advancements and innovations. It requires you to stay updated with any type of technological changes that are happening in the market and improving your own business processes according to that.


Complexity is also one of main disadvantage of business process outsourcing as it is not an easy task to allow any outside contractor to handle the whole business processes.

Like every other business, BPO has its own advantages and disadvantages but overall the trend of outsourcing has increased in the past few years and it has turned out to be beneficial for the businesses.


Benefits of Hiring Small Businesses

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When you start a small or startup business, your first objective is to reduce costs in the operational processes and earning more revenues. The reduction in unnecessary expenses will allow you to allocate resources to other areas of the business, which will result in the overall growth and reach of the business. Outsourcing helps in controlling operational expenses, providing continuity and also managing any potential risk. Outsourcing can help you in easing the burden by hiring the skilled professionals from all over the world. It can help you in overcoming the pressures from market leaders who are at the top of their game. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that you get assistance from those who are skilled professionals in their respective fields.

Outsourcing is the practice of using the firms outside for handling work that is performed with in the company is a known concept to many entrepreneur. Small firms mostly outsource their accounting, distribution, payroll processing and many other significant functions, mostly because they have no other choice. There are many large companies that prefer outsourcing for reducing their costs. There are many industries who are designed for serving the outsourcing needs of the customers.

Small businesses should look for every possible advantage that is available to them for competing with their competitors. Outsourcing is not just the local companies outsourcing the jobs and production away from the people of the country. But it is not just the definition of outsourcing as there are many outsourcing companies these days who are providing the help to other businesses with the accounting, hiring, payroll and many other services. This can also help the owners of businesses to find different and unique ways for succeeding in their own businesses and also put them on height of success when competing with other business ventures.

Controlling costs

Outsourcing for small businesses helps in reducing costs for them as more effort and money is required for hiring and then training employees to make them an expert in what they do. If the workforce of your company is increasing day by day and your HR department is not able cater to the concerns of all the employees with benefits, payroll and training. At this point you have two options, you can hire a part time employee for it and hope that he will do well or you can outsource these services to be handled by skilled professionals in an appropriate manner. Your fixed costs of performing these tasks can also become variable as it allows you to put more capital into your business. You can utilize the capital that might be required by you for purchasing a new software for accounting or handling payrolls into some other constructive task.

Increased focus

Another most important benefit of outsourcing is the increased focus on your own company’s operations without facing any distractions. When you start a business on your own you need to focus more on the operations of the company as you should not distract from the basic aim of creating your own company. When you outsource different services, you get more time to focus in improving your products and services which will further help in the growth of your company. Those who are starting a new business need a lot more working hours for utilizing their time in monitoring business processes which will help in flourishing your business. You should create good content for your blog, handle your accounting, manage your social media accounts, design your website, deal with marketing, and provide prompt response to emails and each and everything that is required for running the business properly. This is where hiring a graphic designer, writer or a project manager can help you for saving your workday.


Many organizations select to outsource the services in specific area because no one in the organization can question the expertise in this specific field. Those who are hired for outsourcing feels motivated and encouraged in hope that they will be hired for bigger projects in the future. Moreover, outsourcing also helps in keeping the research and production costs, because those who are hired for seeking the expertise from them provides competitive advantage to the owners of the business.

Minimizing risk

Every investment in business has certain amount of risk with it. It is due to the continuous change occurring in government policies, markets, competition, technologies and financial conditions. The outsourcing providers does this job of assuming and managing this risk for you, and they are even much better in making the decisions of how to avoid this risk in specific area of expertise.

Gaining competitive advantage

Small startup businesses do not have the resources or budget for providing the services of the similar level of larger companies, especially when compared to international companies or. But small businesses can easily gain a competitive edge with the help of outsourcing, as it allows them to offer similar expertise by selecting experiences individuals with a track record. The close association between outsourcing and small businesses also helps in increasing the credibility of business.

Though still there are some people who do not understand the advantages of outsourcing completely, it is very helpful especially when it comes to outsourcing for small businesses. Outsourcing is very helpful in startup businesses because the money invested by owners is utilized into their business without having any fear of the results. If the business operations of your company are handled by experts in that particular field then the business owners feel much satisfied and do not worry about the end results. Out sourcing is the right way adopted by small business owners and it allows the investment in partnerships with many local businesses that provide outsourcing for increasing the chances of travelling allowing to balance it with competitors.